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The GI in 2009 for Goa as exclusive producer of cashew feni in the world, evolved the title of CAZCAR denoting cashew man having begun the journey in 1969 as distiller of quality Caju Feni in traditional, semi & modern forms of distillation.

Located in Village Nanora 35km North of Panaji Capital City of Goa, enables the procurement of local ripe cashew apples, each season mid February to May from the cashew groves in and around the distillery.

Equipment is both traditional & modern. The extraction of juice from cashew apples is done in fully stainless steel screw press and S.S. basket press. Juice is fermented in ceramic lined tanks using technology developed by Indian Council of Agricultural Research Ela Goa, wherein nutrients are added to ferment the juice naturally ensuring fruity flavor and connoisseurs taste.

Each product is distilled uniquely, an exclusive privilege of Cazcars. Blending, Filtration, Bottling & Packing is in clean & hygienic conditions by trained locals.

Cazcar believes in social responsibility and uses environment friendly procedures, recycling of water, dried jungle wood, natural open well water.

The century old traditional process of distillation, using copper bhaan (kettle) and Launi (clay pot receiver) manual water cooling by experienced bhaticar (distiller) to produce a feni that is rare, limited in quantity and of the highest quality and taste unique to Cazcar.
Bottle & Cannister
Regular Caju feni distilled in the traditional copper bhaan & copper pipe exclusively from the pure juice of ripe caju local apples maintaining a high level of consistency in flavor, quality & taste.
Bottle & Cannister

Various condiments, herbs sautéed are pounded and added to the fermented juice while distilling, in the copper bhaan (kettle) and copper coil used for cooling, which extracts all the properties of the masala into the feni giving it a flavor and taste par excellence unique to Cazcar.
Bottle & Cannister

Each of the caju feni produced by Cazcar are filled in exclusive logo embossed 750ml glass bottles, sealed with gaula closure, packed in the latest international cannister, packed in ethnically designed carton.

World Class Hand Crafted Product either for self, proud gift as memento of Goa, a delight to the valued buyer of our produce.
Retention of the traditional method and art of distillation, to promote it's heritage value while ensuring continuity and consistent quality.
Propagating the Organic qualities and benefits of Feni and promote Goa as the only source Identified Geographically.
Family owned since 1969 and evolving into Cazcar in 2008, established by Late Damodar & Sumathi Bhakta, pioneer of the modern distillery and winner of the award in and today is run by the 2nd generation of husband and wife duo of Gurudatta - D BHAKTA and Rupa – G BHAKTA.
Gurudatta - D BHAKTA
Smt. Rupa G. Bhakta attends whenever required being a social & political worker Ex-Chairperson of Mhapsa Municipality & current Councillor.

Distillery is managed by qualified and experienced staff especially the bhaticar and backed up by an efficient staff based in Mhapsa.
INFRASTRUCTURE: Modern & Traditional Equipments
Analytical Report
Officials from Mozambique visited on 03/04/2013 
Seen in Picture:
Ms. Filomena Albano Director of Mozambique Development council,
Mr. Zitha Mauricio, Mr. Miguel Jose, Mr. K. Kumar from Delhi along with Cazcar Officials. 
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Agricultural Scientist from all over India visiting CAZCAR
> From left to right
Dr. Kirti Singh,
Dr. P. Rethinam,
Dr. B. S. Hansra,
Dr. S. B. Barbuddhe,

Dr. N. P. Singh,
Dr. H. Rahman &

Dr. M. Sinha
Nutritional contents
of Cashew Apple
1. Proteins
2. Ascorbic acid
3. Malic acid
4. Tannin
5. Carotene
6. Calcium
7. Phosphorous Pent oxide
8. Vitamin ‘C’
Dried waste
of the Cashew Apple
1. Crude fiber
2. Calcium
3. Ash
4. Phosphorous
5. Sugar (PH appr.4)
How to enjoy Feni?
Cashew is a seasonal produce commencing from Mid February to mid May of each year when the summer is hottest.

The ripe cashew apples harvested are collected from the groves and brought to the distillery where extraction of juice is done in stainless steel dewater and pumped to the ceramic lined fermenters for fermentation.

The inoculation of strains helps in the natural and proper fermentation a technique developed in collaboration with Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institute Ella Goa.

The fermented juice is then hand distilled by skilled Bhaticar in various types of Bhatti’s.
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