CAJU FENI: Launi Caju Feni, Best Caju Feni, Masala Caju Feni
Caju Feni
The century old traditional process of distillation, using copper bhaan (kettle) and Launi (clay pot receiver) manual water cooling by experienced bhaticar (distiller) to produce a feni that is rare, limited in quantity and of the highest quality and taste unique to Cazcar.
Bottle & Cannister
Caju Feni
Regular Caju feni distilled in the traditional copper bhaan & copper pipe exclusively from the pure juice of ripe caju local apples maintaining a high level of consistency in flavor, quality & taste.
Bottle & Cannister
Caju Feni
Various condiments, herbs sautéed are pounded and added to the fermented juice while distilling, in the copper bhaan (kettle) and copper coil used for cooling, which extracts all the properties of the masala into the feni giving it a flavor and taste par excellence unique to Cazcar.
Bottle & Cannister
World Class Hand Crafted Product either for self, proud gift as memento of Goa, a delight to the valued buyer of our produce.

Each of the caju feni produced by Cazcar are filled in exclusive logo embossed 750ml glass bottles, sealed with gaula closure, packed in the latest international cannister, packed in ethnically designed carton.
Retention of the traditional method and art of distillation, to promote it's heritage value while ensuring continuity and consistent quality.
Propagating the Organic qualities and benefits of Feni and promote Goa as the only source Identified Geographically.

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